Simonetti’s family has been committed to tomato processing for three generations. Oreste’s intuition about investing in the canning industry along with his son Dario’s early sensibility toward the organic, allowed the three brothers Marco, Valerio, and Giorgio to develop continuous innovation and research. This is what makes Gestal 2000 one of the leading companies of the Italian agri-food industry.


Promoting wellness through the production of highest quality organic products.


Why choose GESTAL 2000

Transparency and Traceability

We guarantee supply chain transparency and a complete traceability throughout every step of the production, from seeding to packaging and distribution.

Environmental sustainability

We promote a sustainable use of energy, by implementing renewable resources, and a sustainable use of water resources thanks to new-generation water treatment plants, along with a proper waste management and a reduction of emissions in the atmosphere.

Socially sustainable agricultural production

Our management guarantees respect for human rights and human dignity throughout the supply chain. This is true not only for our owned lands which supply 40% of the raw material, but also for those lands cultivated by our local producers with whom we have established a close collaboration for many years.

Food safety

We guarantee the highest level of food quality and safety by meeting strict international standards, certified at their maximum degree by BRC and IFS certifications.

Continuous innovation and research

The whole supply chain is continuously encouraged to innovate both the product and the production process. Thanks to advanced food technologies, agronomic r&d, analysis and laboratory researches are conducted in order to improve the nutritional profile of existing products, as well as to extend the range with new recipes.

Reference partner for your private label

We offer the highest flexibility to shape your idea of product, by developing personalized recipes together with our chefs, and by choosing capacities and colours for your packaging that represent your private label at its best.


High level of customization of the recipes


Continued assistance with pre- and post- sales services


Programming and punctuality in delivery time

Design Packaging

Consultancy for the packaging design


Efficient logistics management

Certified quality

Guarantee of conformity to strict quality parameters